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Kat Lucas (Noah's mum)


One of the best decisions I ever made is to enrol Noah at Sepoy karate. Noah's school friends aren't always the kindest to him which made him feel isolated and that children didn't like him because he's not the fastest runner or very good at physical challenges. It got to the point that at every break time Noah had to nominate a friend to play with in the playground. This still upset him because he would say ' they don't really want to play with me mummy. They are just agreeing to be my friend because the teacher asked them too.'

Since meeting all the fabulous instructors and the amazing kids at karate Noah has completely changed and the happiest he has ever been. His confidence and ability has grown. Noah finally feels like he has friends, friends that want to spend time with him and include him in the games. This has made him more confident in all areas of his life.

Please come along and join if you have kids. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.


Ciaran aged 11 New starter White belt


On my first lesson I was scared at first. The people were very nice and soon made me feel OK. I enjoyed it and think it's good for future life, can't wait to go back.


Molly-Mae aged 11 New starter White belt


I was nervous at first but they were comforting when I got there. They showed us the easy way to start which was good. I liked it a lot and can't wait to go back.


Alisha aged 10 Yellow belt


I train here because I really enjoy it and I feel like since I have started I am so much stronger.

My favourite thing about the club is the instructors and how enthusiastic they are.


Aalia aged 12 Yellow belt


I like training here because of the help and encouragement I recieve from the instructors. They give me the encouragement to keep going when I am tired or get stuck with something.


My favourite thing about training is how we are put into coloured belt groups and we are given all the time we need to learn and get better. I don't feel under pressure to grade until I am ready. I really love the Xmas games we play on the last lesson of the year.


Jake Edgeley age 11 Brown Tag


I love to train here because I want to learn how to defend myself in case I am ever in a bad situation. I reallly want my Black Belt.

I like training here because all the instructors are nice.


Jak Edgeley aged 12 Brown Tag


I think it's really fun to train here and its somewhere fun to go after school. I love to learn all the kicks. There are people here I know


Kerry Edgeley (parent)


I want the boys to be able to defend themselves. I want them to be out more and more active. I don't want them watching TV and playing video games. I have noticed such a difference in their confidence and its been noticed by the school and myself just how much bettter they behave at school now.


Sheila O'Connor (Grandparent)


Took my two 11 year old Grandkids along to sepoykarate for the first time last week. Both were eager to have a look around but were very apprehensive about what to expect.
On first meeting with the instructors both kids , in their own words , found the group to be friendly and felt safe. They loved every moment and have not stopped talking about it since and can't wait to get back there next time. Grandaughter would like me to say she thinks it is " Good exercise, calming and makes you feel good" Grandson says " Amazing gives you a good focus on stuff". I'd like to say I found everyone warm and welcoming and felt it to be a very safe environment for the kids. I'd recommend this group to anybody.


Sim Coe Brown Belt


I love to train and I love the physicality and the mental challenge that this style brings. I really love the people here . It feels like a family to me and I feel included and part of something. It isn't run like a business where they are only interested in money.


Paul Reilly 2nd Dan instructor Sepoy Karate


I started martial arts training in 2009 after taking a 20 year sabattical from Thai boxing. I took it up again primarily to improve my conditioning, strength and to aid weight control. I wanted a hobby in which I could easily measure my progress. I trained in another dojo in Leicester and looking back now, I was taken advantage of. There were contracts up front and joining fees and terms and conditions before I had even got on the mat!! The costs were over the top and always going up and up. There always seemed to be another uniform to buy or another organisation to join, or another "must attend" weekend where you paid a fortune to train in a muddy field or similar. I got to belt 12 of 13 (1 belt before Black Belt) in the style and could not believe there was the nerve to try to charge £500.00 for a black belt grading and no proof or paper trail that the belt was ever going to be on an official register.


I went along to Sepoy Karate in late 2010 and I wish I had done it sooner. A style where everyone is welcomed and trained to the best of their ability. A style where you don't get a grade pass as soon as your cheque has cleared or only get time with the senior instructor if you show exceptional ability or money is no object. I have found a style that does it for the love of the sport. It literally only charges fees that just cover the cost of the running of the dojo. They don't insist you buy overpriced weapons, uniforms and sparring gear from them that you can get in loads of other places for less. The difference between running a style for love and a style for profit is obvious. Come and train with us and you will see what i mean. I am a 2nd Dan now and my pleasure and challenge comes from being able to run classes and teach others. I am in a style where everyone matters, is valued and trained to be the best they can.


Joseph Mallen newly promoted 1st Dan Black Belt Sepoy Karate


When I was a child I got beaten up every day. My parents tried to help me by suggesting that I take up Karate. I refused as I hate violence. I don't want to hurt anyone. 20 years on my friend wants to take Karate up and needs a friend to do it too. I refused again as a reflex. I felt bad about saying no and so changed my mind. I changed it because I wanted to push myself to do something that I swore I never would.


5 years on my friend and I are still going and I am loving it. I am so glad I made that decision. As my instructor said to me on the day of my Black Belt grading, " The hardest thing you did today was deciding to step through that door and try". My friend and I are now both black belts. The sparring is friendly and well controlled.

It's not the dominant part of the class and no one is asked to do something that they are uncomfortable with. I find it a very warm, friendly and supportive enviroment. There are no shows offs, no big heads. No one thinks they are better then anybody else and the colour of your belt doesn't matter. Anyone looking to try out a martial art in a stress free family enviroment should come and give it a go. I did and look where I am now .


Charley Clarke Button former student ,3rd Dan Black Belt Instructor and Style Keeper Sepoy Karate


I can honestly say not only is this club for fitness, self defence and learning a new skill it's also an extended family. I ran another Sepoy club in Bedford and was welcomed to train here also. I was encouraged to learn, my voice was always heard and they taught me new techniques to ensure warm ups were fun!! I have since moved 300 miles away but am still warmly received! An excellent place to start a journey into martial arts, fitness or just to make new friends!



Paul Carson 5th Dan Black Belt Sepoy Karate


I started Karate when I was 10. This was after getting mugged and my brother in law introduced me to the style. From the moment I started it, I instantly fell in love with it.

I've now been doing it for 20+ years and been granted the honour of being a keeper of the style. As the years passed it became more evident that I have joined a family not a club. My favourite weapons are bladed weapons in particular the karmas.


Jamie Derry instructor 3rd Dan Black Belt Sepoy Karate


I have been doing Karate now for 15 years . I have found the rest of the team a fantastic help. We are all continually learning , helping and challenging each other towards our next grades.


I came to Sepoy Karate after a reccomendation from a friend and what a great decison that was. One of the reasons I stuck with it is they are a fantastic bunch of people and just like Joseph Mallen has said too, there really are no big heads, show offs or ego's to contend with.


No one laughs at you if you are trying and maybe not getting it quite right. This is so reassuring. The physical side of the training helps compliment the rest of my fitness regime which is running and cycling. I love all the weapons we use but my weapon of choice is the Tonfa.


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