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Sepoy Freestyle Karate was created in 1992 by its Chief Instructor and founder Gary Smith 8th Dan. Gary has studied in various martial arts including Aikido, Karate, Kick Boxing and Kung Fu and holds multiple black belts. Gary decided to create a style blending elements from all of these. Sepoy Freestyle Karate was a founding member of NAKMAS when it was formed. (National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools). The style has gone onto flourish since then with clubs in Leicestershire, Peterborough , Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire. Gary is the deputy chair of Nakmas. Through his expansion of the style since 1992 his three 6th Dan instructors in the Leicestershire area run the style in Leicester.


We run kids classes from 18:30 hrs on Monday nights from our dojo in the West End Working Men's Club on Braunstone Avenue. The adults lesson starts at 19:30 hrs.We welcome experienced and novice martial artists from ages 5 upwards to come and train. The lessons are split between strength and conditioning work, syllabus and kata work, and sparring and weapons work.


We run kids classes from 18:45 hrs on Tuesday nights from our dojo in the 55TH Community building Tuesday night club Nursery road LE5 (formely the scout hut) in Nursery Road, Thurnby Lodge LE5.  Our adults lesson starts at 19:45 hrs. We also welcome experienced martial artists and novice ones to come train with us. It can be an opportunity to get some "double " training in and unlike some clubs, if you train in one of our clubs one night, we won't charge you again to train in the other the next night. This can be really helpful for those wishing to get extra conditioning or syllabus work in. This extra training can be vital to get you to prepare to the required standards for grading day.


We have other Sepoy Karate locations around the country. If you want to train in Spalding Lincolnshire, Wilstead Bedfordshire, or Toddington Bedfordshire,

then you can have a look at their facebook pages and websites here.


Sepoy Spalding


Sepoy Wilstead


Sepoy Toddington


Toddingtons website



We value the feedback and input from all our students past and present on how we are doing and what they enjoyed about their time with us. We welcome mums and dads who sit and watch from the sides to help us too by telling us what they think and why these choose to send their kids to us.


You can rate our club on the Trust Pilot website and the link to access that is here:

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Sepoy Karate Leicester

Monday night club

West End Working Mens Club

Braunstone Avenue


Monday evenings from 18:30 hrs kids.

Adults lesson starts 19:30 hrs


Tuesday night club 

The 55th Community Hall (formerly the scout Hut)

70 Nursery Road

Thurnby Lodge



Tuesday evenings from 18:30 hrs kids.

Adults lesson starts 19:45 hrs

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Please call 07850 561827 or drop us an e mail at enquiry@sepoykarateleicester.co.uk if you need any further information.