Easy and safe

Come and train in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment. We have students aged 5-65. We will set your targets to your limits. The kids have fun, learn new skills and develop self confidence and belief in their own abilities. Skills that can last forever.


Pay as you train. Fees from £5 per session. No joining or admin fees. First lesson free.

Want to train both nights at our Leicester Dojos? You will pay only once!

Free club uniform (two piece white GI) when you complete a club registration/licence form and join us.

A registered organisation with full DBS checks done

Fully insured, approved and registered with NAKMAS. Your achievement at black belt will put you on a nationally recognised blackbelt register.

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Reaching your goals

Always wanted to start exercise? Wanted to start getting a little fitter and a little stronger? Perhaps you always wanted the confidence you get from learning some skills and drills that you can use if you ever have to defend yourself? Could simply be that you just want to get out of the house a few times a week and meet new friends? Come and see us to get started now!! First lesson is free..


Our karate is easy to learn, fun to do and practical for the streets. Come learn self defence with us at Sepoy Karate Leicester!

We believe we are different from other schools in Leicester. No joining fees, no direct debits, no pressure to commit money or to contracts up front. Pay as you train in a fun and relaxed enviroment. Let's set your training and achievement goals together. We will help you be the best that you can be in our style.

To get in touch for your first free lesson click this link:  free trial lesson.



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Please call 07850 561827 or drop us an e mail at enquiry@sepoykarateleicester.co.uk if you need any further information.